*à la carte. (Separate Fees Apply)

With the "Education" day of each ArmDJs Tour Stop being held on a Tuesday (8am to 6pm), it leaves open the opportunity for Advance Educational Workshops to be offered both before and afterword. 

Thank you for your interests in hosting a workshop around our event. 

We are a firm believer in the importance of bringing education to DJ's around the country. With the limited time of our conference there's only so much we can offer. Workshop's are the next step. We encourage our industry leaders to host workshops around our tour stops but we also believe the workshops and it's host should support our event too. We ask for no money... What we do ask for is that each workshop host add to our event by offering to be one of our presenters free of charge. 

In return we offer... 

  1. The opportunity to bring your workshop to one of the markets we are hosting a tour stop. We have found workshops do better when they are teamed up with other events. 
  2. The promotion of your workshop to our attendees and in our marketing. 
  3. We will help you locate and negotiate the best deal we can for your workshop location.* (Note: we are not responsible for any fees associated with the cost of hosting your workshop.)
  4. We can use our connections and resources to help with logistics. 

Our goal is to make this the easiest workshop you've ever planned, hosted and sold out.  

If you're still interested please fill out this Workshop Submission Form. 

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