ArmDJs 12 Gatlinburg, TN

Date: Mon, June 17, 2019– Wed, June 19, 2019

Location:  Edgewater Hotel and Conference Center Gatlinburg, TN
Call (865) 436-4151 Ask for the ArmDJs Room Block

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Monday - Meet Greet ‘n’ Jam

Kickin’ ArmDJs 12 off with a Party! June 17th 7pm at the Edgewater Hotel and Conference Center Ballroom.
Featuring DJ’s from around the country spinnin’ 20 min sets.

TUESDAY - June 18th - Timeline/Lineup

8am - Breakfast and NetWorking (Free to all that stay at host hotel)
"Registration Begins, Sponsors are on display, DJSwapMeet starts and NetWorking with DJ's for around the country."

10am - Sean “Big Daddy” McKee and DJFlint Kick Us Off

Richard Mills.jpg

Richard Mills

10am - "It's All In Your Head"

Description: When ARMDJS invited Richard Mills to speak at Gatlinburg, the question was asked; “What would you like the presentation to be about? Should it be inspirational, educational, motivational, automatic, systematic, hydromatic, business, technology or what?” Robbie Britton replied “Yes”. What we have here then is a cocktail of all the above. With a unique perspective that only Richard could bring and delivered with what has recently been voted the sexiest accent, there will be a medley of observations. He might cover the importance of talent and experience in a spotify world, the evolution of DJ equipment and how it made it possible to resume working just 3 weeks after brain surgery (and how important it is to look good in a hat), how to get featured in a big-budget Hollywood movie, and because he will be at the convention, Richard will possibly even talk about the other Kiwi in the room, Nick Logan.

Bio: Born in Wales (UK) in 1967 but now living in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, Richard started working part-time as a mobile and nightclub DJ in 1986. Around 14 years later he began adding MC services to his skill set. Today he is a full-time DJ, MC, independent Marriage Celebrant, part-time AV hire company, authorized Bose Professional Products Dealer and occasional Actor. Richard is married, with three boys, a dog and a cat. Oh yes, he’s also a two-time survivor of an incredibly aggressive grade 4 glioblastoma brain cancer, but he still regards himself as stupidly lucky. His positive outlook and annoyingly upbeat attitude perplex some and inspire many.

Randy Bartlett.jpg

Randy Bartlett

11am - “Entertainment Planning at POW Level.”

Description: Entertainment Planning at POW Level. To stand out from the average DJ, you need a whole new level of POW to impress today's consumer and that comes largely from leading amazing meetings that go well past creating a timeline. In this seminar, Randy will share the methods used to uncover the opportunities missed by most DJs in creating amazingly personal wedding celebrations.

Bio: Randy Bartlett owned and managed Premier Entertainment in Sacramento, CA for over 30 years. A full time entertainer and Wedding Entertainment Director®, specializing in weddings, as well as performing at hundreds of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate and social events, his referral based business had his clients paying him substantially above the average rate of DJs in his market.
One of the country’s most recognized speakers for the DJ profession, he’s presented his hilarious and educational seminars to standing room only crowds at conventions in the US, Canada, England and Jamaica. His consistently sold-out Microphone Skills Workshops have helped DJs around the world reach new levels in their wedding businesses.
He’s the producer of the acclaimed 1% Solution series of training DVDs, and is a member of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild™ and the ADJA, serving on the Board Of Advisors, and has been featured in the books “The Best Wedding Reception…EVER!” “The Mobile DJ Handbook,” “Mind Your Own Business, “Performance Beyond Expectation” and “Celebrate Life.”
Prior to his career as a mobile DJ, he spent 15 years in sales, with 10 years in sales management & sales training and was a nationally recognized and award winning salesman.
In 2017, he was inducted into ADJA Hall of Fame and in 2018, inducted into the Mobile Beat Hall of Fame.

Noon - 1:30pm Break for Lunch

Also a great time to return those phone calls. ;)

Dave Ternier.jpg

Dave Ternier

2:00pm - "I Am The Walrus"

Description: What does the path to uniquely creative and entertaining moments at a wedding look like? How does a helicopter surprise a bride at her own wedding ceremony and how on earth can Cards Against Humanity be appropriately brought to a wedding reception without offending anyone? How are these moments created and what do they have to do with the MC or DJ? This is the road we’ll be taking in "I Am The Walrus".

Bio: Based in Manitoba, Dave Ternier is a single operator DJ/MC for his company, Special Request Weddings. His work specializes in helping wedding couples create uniquely creative and entertaining weddings. He is the Vice-President of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association, recipient of the international WED Guild® certification and founding author of, an industry blog focused exclusively on mobile wedding DJs.

rick  brewer.jpg

Rick Brewer 

3:00pm "Past present and future of marketing."

Description: For the past 10 years, the world of marketing a small and medium size business has been turned upside down. Small Businesses can now do more to reach prospective clients than ever before in the history of business. With all these changes, it has become wildly complicated on how to effectively position your business at the right place, the right time in front of the right prospect. Take a look at where we have come, where we are and what’s on the horizon of marketing your business combined with the current state of your prospective client.

Bio:  Rick Brewer is someone who understands the landscape of Marketing. Rick has been involved in sales and marketing for 30+ years, has owned magazines, been an international business consultant, keynote speaker and is one of a few who has seen the full change over in marketing since the inception of the internet. He knows where we have come from, where we are and has a strong view on where we will be in the coming years.

Larry Williams day 1.jpg

Larry Williams presents…

4pm  - "Front & Center" (Session 1)
Featuring 4 talks. Names and Subjects TBA

Description: Front & Center - Everyone has something to share. We all know the elation of commanding the stage as a DJ. But what about sharing our knowledge from the stage at a conference? They say some of the best takeaways come from the hallway conversations. Front & Center is a series of short 15 minute TED-style talks, delivered by your colleagues, that feature the very best tips and ideas that would normally be shared from the conference hallways.

Bio:  Industry speaker Larry Williams is an accomplished TEDx speaker and member of the National Speakers Association.

Justin Reid - “Beyond The Booth: Extracting the “why” out of what we do”

Description: Behind every great performer is the reason they perform. The purpose that has driven them to excel in art and skill. As DJ’s, our focus on work and details can often cloud the “why”. In his talk, Justin Reid will examine the responsibilities and facets of what we do and offer perspectives and solutions that will have you re-discovering your WHY.

Bio: Justin has been DJing since 2003, first part-time on weekends and then full-time in 2007 at various clubs in the South Carolina area. Since that time he has honed his skill and passion to create some of the area’s most unique and fun events. He is a graduate of the University of South Caroline with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Arts. This degree has served him well in his business giving him an eye for design that allows him to put forth an especially aesthetic experience for weddings and special events. Justin writes for Mobile Beat Magazine and also offers consulting to wedding and other event-related small businesses in the areas of marketing and organization.

Fox Feltman - “Managing Guest Reactions – the Ultimate Emotional Connection”
Description: In a wedding reception – emotion is inevitable. But did you know that you have the ability to turn that emotion on and off like a light switch? The power is in your hands. The words you choose, the inflection in your voice and the manner in which you present can and will create an emotional reaction. But let’s dive deeper. Did you know that you are also able to control those reactions for a deeper connection with your audience? In this seminar, Fox Feltman will share some amazing techniques that will allow you to orchestrate a well-directed reception like a musical conductor.

Bio: Fox is a 31 year veteran of the DJ industry, who has specialized in weddings, clubs and special events. He currently runs BTA Enterainment – a multi-op company located in North Carolina. He enjoyed a 24 year career in the radio industry and has delivered seminars at DJ Expo for the past 5 years. While he still operates his DJ company full-time, in 2017 he opened A Taste of Philadelphia – a multi-cuisine eatery that brings the sights, sounds and tastes of Philly to the Carolinas.

William E. Thomas - “ The A.R.T.I.S.T. in You”
Description: Can you remember when the American musician, Prince, was alive? He went under the moniker - “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince!” Prince was INDEED a masterful artist – producing music, videos, concerts, and movies that have captured the hearts and souls of many of us. As disc jockeys, similar to Prince, we have the capability to use-&-combine our knowledge of music, and our multiple technical skills. We can ultimately create a proficient work of art. Today DJ BillyT is going to share his own personal assessments of some of the principles required to create a masterful work of DJ art. He is going to examine - “The A.R.T.I.S.T. in You!”

Bio: Also known as DJ Billy T . . . William has a background as a musician. He played bass guitar in the 1970’s and started Djing in the 1980’s. While in the Air Force he DJ’d numerous clubs on Air Force bases in Ohio, Georgia & Arizona. He has been a member of Toastmasters International since the early 80’s and has competed in numerous speech contests. He began attending ARMDJS back in 2011 and is currently a Video DJ in and around the Dayton Ohio area.

Sean McKee.jpg

Sean “Big Daddy” McKee

5:00pm - "Inspirational Educational Motivational"

Description: Inspire your performance, Educate you to be the best you can be and Motivate you to live your life to the fullest and spread love every day. BDLY

Bio: If there’s ever been a man perfectly qualified to speak on passion and performance, it is Sean McKee. Using the nickname “Big Daddy” he has effected every life he has touched in his nearly 50 years of entertaining. He spreads love and positivity to everyone he meets and he proudly wears his heart on his sleeve for all the world to see. He has spoken at conventions for almost two decades now and he always brings his unique style to the stage. Whether he is encouraging attendees to “smile as loud as you can” or showing everyone how to perform with passion, Sean McKee is always a hit.

8pm-11pm Our first ever…. Casino After Party
Presented by Group Dynamics Entertainment “Horse Racing” and Now Event Group “Casino”

WEDNESDAY - June 19th - Timeline/Lineup

8am - Breakfast and NetWorking (Free to all that stay at host hotel)
"Registration Begins, Sponsors are on display, DJSwapMeet starts and NetWorking with DJ's for around the country."

Mike Walter.jpg

Mike Walter

9am - “Why People Dance And What We Can Do To Maximize Their Experience”
Description: After all the formalities are over, our number one job is to get people dancing. But people dance for different reasons and understanding them goes a long way towards getting the most out of a crowd. In this in-depth seminar, Mike Walter will break it down for you. He’ll talk about the three main categories of dancers and why each one gets on the floor. He’ll offer suggestions for getting more people up, ways to make your dance floor a “judgment free” zone and strategies that can take your event to an even higher level than you’ve ever experienced. Everything we do at our parties matters; from the songs we play to the things we say. After this seminar you’ll understand better how you are the epicenter of it all and how your actions, even the smallest ones, can make a huge difference

Bio: Mike Walter is the proud owner of Elite Entertainment, a Multi-System DJ Company in New Jersey that has been selected by and as a top Entertainment company in the country. For over 30 years, he has MCed events from weddings to fashion shows and beauty pageants and his public speaking experience and acumen have served him well as a presenter.
He began to offer seminars in 1998, at first specifically to the DJ Industry, then he expanded to speaking to event groups and finally to any and all audiences. His seminars are known for their fast pace, mix of information and entertainment and deft use of Keynote. Having sat through enough tedious seminars in his life, Mike vows to never bore an audience. Whether he is offering life changing advice, motivational challenges or hard-core information on how to grow and expand your business, Mike promises he will deliver a quick, concise, and nugget-filled presentation every time he speaks.
Mike has published three books, Running Your Multi-Op which is widely consider the most comprehensive book for anyone interested in expanding their DJ business, the self-help primer, Ten Things You Can Do to Have a Better Day and the music history compendium: On This Date in Music. He’s also released a number of education videos to help his fellow DJs and business owners. In 2014 he partnered with Joe Bunn to start the PhDJ Workshop and in 2017 the two began a weekly podcast called the PhDJ Podcast. For more information head to and

Randy Bartlett.jpg

Randy Bartlett (Again)

11am - “Feel This - Unleashing the Beast of Emotion”

Description: Feel This: Too many of us still don't quite understand what our clients really want. This seminar is designed to teach you how to use the information gained in your planning meetings to create those emotional moments that translate into direct referrals at premium rates, instead of just hearing “Great job,” once again at the end of the night. As performing artists, everything we do is based on emotion, the feelings you transfer from you or the hosts to the guests, so that guests are cheering and dancing to the moment, rather than the song or the DJ schtick. You’ll leave this seminar with the understanding and tools to create even more than you ever thought possible, whether you’re a creative genius or just learning how to use emotion.

Bio: >>insert Joke about Randy here<<

Noon - 1:30pm Break for Lunch

Also a great time to return those phone calls. ;)

Douglas Scholten2.jpg

Douglas Scholten

1:30pm - "Efficiencies and Logistics."

Description: TBA

Bio: aka “Toad”
Catch Toad at the major DJ Conventions in Las Vegas & Atlantic City (and now ArmDJs). He's been part of dozens of expert panels and showcase events. He now offers innovative products for sale to DJs all over the world. Check out the one of a kind Toadmatic Rolling Video DJ Console, now used by some of the top mobile DJs in the country.

David Sporn2.jpg

David Sporn

2:30pm - "Advice from a Millennial DJ"

Description: TBA

Bio: aka "DJ Dook"
There are few young DJs in the Richmond area that are as gifted as David Sporn.  His mixing skills have made him one of the fastest rising DJs on the scene.  David has the ability to create a playlist that is fun, energetic and will appeal to everyone from your grandparents to your youngest nieces and nephews.  David is also well known in the Mitzvah community.  He really connects with his audience to keep them engaged from beginning to end.

Larry Williams day 2.jpg

Larry Williams presents…

4:00pm  - "Front & Center" (Session 2)
Featuring 4 talks. Names and Subjects TBA

Description: Front & Center - Everyone has something to share. We all know the elation of commanding the stage as a DJ. But what about sharing our knowledge from the stage at a conference? They say some of the best takeaways come from the hallway conversations. Front & Center is a series of short 15 minute TED-style talks, delivered by your colleagues, that feature the very best tips and ideas that would normally be shared from the conference hallways.

Bio:  Industry speaker Larry Williams is an accomplished TEDx speaker and member of the National Speakers Association.

Dan Blankowski - “Cracked Prism: Using DJ Absurdities to Your Advantage”
(subtitle: Everything You Know Is Wrong!)
Description: Sometimes we try so hard to impress others we fail to examine the shortcomings that are holding us back. DJ Dano will spell out the absurdities of our profession that are costing us dearly. This talk will help you avoid the traps, pitfalls and mistakes that DJ’s make regularly – often times without even thinking about it. This irreverent view of our industry through the cracked prism of one of our most colorful colleagues will be an eye-opener that will refocus your attention on what really matters.

Bio: DJ Dano is one of our industries most colorful characters. He is affectionately known as “Atlanta’s most versatile interactive DJ.” With a 40 year background in newspaper, radio and television – Dano has been a mobile entertainer since 1985. He has been involved in more than 1700 weddings and special events including everything from neighborhood backyards to the Georgia Dome. He has served as the President and founding member of the Georgia Mobile DJ Association and was ARMDJS 2014 “DJ of the Year!”

Bill Goode - “Recycled Ideas – Turning Trash into Cash”
Description: Have you ever been told your concept or idea is garbage, only to make it shine and set yourself apart from the competition? Macklemore & Ryan Lewis famously said “One man’s trash is another man’s come-up!” In this short talk, you will learn the art of recycling a previously thrown away idea and how to reclaim it as your own. Be prepared for some “trash talk” as Bill Goode dumpster dive’s for hidden treasures that might very well become the next big thing.

Bio: Bill is an accomplished veteran of both the mobile and radio DJ industries. He starting spinning tunes in high school in Fort Lauderdale Florida for house parties and school events. He worked his way through college while DJ’ing in nightclubs in the Miami Beach area where he graduated from St. Thomas University in Miami with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. After college he continued to work for various radio stations in Florida, New York City and Georgia. All the while building his mobile DJ business and honing his skills. Today he operates “A Celebration with Music” in Atlanta Georgia. He has served on the board for the Greater Atlanta Chapter of the International Live Events Association and is a writer for Mobile Beat Magazine.

David Pickett - “ Serato Flip: Easy ways to remix and sanitize your music”
Description: Have you ever wanted to quickly remix a banger for your crowd? Do you have a dirty song that needs a good cleaning before playing at a children's dance? Serato flip to the rescue! Flip is an easy way to start creating edits that doesn’t require a DAW. This simple, yet effective control set lets you record and playback cue point as well as censor actions. David will show you two quick ways to use Flip's powerful features.

Bio: David is a twenty-five year veteran of the DJ industry. His passion for Djing began in Junior High with his 45 rpm records and a Mr. Microphone. From his humble beginnings of Djing for friends, he worked his way through college to get a Degree in Broadcasting and DJ’d at a local hit-radio station at night. His well-honed talent for reading crowds, microphone technique and interaction worked in concert to create amazing events for his customers. He continues to learn through advanced level training seminars, workshops and networking events. He operates DNA Entertainment in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mike Caporaso - “Protecting Your Digital Footprint”
Description: Your engagement on social media are the bread crumbs that lead customers directly back to you.
This begs the question . . . are you being responsible with what you put out there so as to protect your digital image? Social media is a hotbed of interaction, opinion and community. This short talk will have you rethinking the way you position yourself on-line.

Bio: Mike is a Navy Veteran with a degree in business. He began Djing over ten years ago and has combined his love for technology and business with managing his successful DJ business. He has served as the President of the Tampa Bay chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. He is currently working on a new startup called HelpUTech2 which is geared towards those who are technology challenged and need help understanding the basics as well as those who wish to keep their digital footprint as clean as possible.

Ron Ruth.jpg

Ron “Hot Rod” Ruth

5:00pm  - “Learn To Speak Fluent “WOW!” | The Language Of High-Paying, Loyal, Raving Customers

Description: Much has been taught about the sales process and how to persuade customers to sign on the “bottom line.” The more important lesson that is often lacking, however, is---how to deliver the type of experience your customers expect and demand once they’ve committed to you and your service or product. It is no longer enough for any business to rely solely on the delivery of basic customer service to build a loyal customer base. Customers want and expect an extraordinary "WOW!" experience, as well.

During Ron’s Presentation You’ll Learn:

  • Why customers will pay more for a product or service from businesses that provide a better experience

  • Valuable secrets to making emotional connections that produce customer loyalty

  • Simple steps to differentiating your business from the competition, eliminating the need to compete on price.

  • Effective ways to measure the experience and verify that your customers are feeling the “WOW!”

  • How personalizing the client experience leads to increased sales, referrals and profits.

  • And more.

Bio:  With over 45 years of experience in corporate management and small business ownership, Ron is celebrated as an inventive Customer Experience Design speaker and consultant. His keynotes and workshops are engaging, entertaining and interactive, with ample easy-to-implement content that inspires audiences to immediately transform what they’ve learned into real-world innovation, benefiting both their businesses as well as their customer’s lives.