ArmDJs11.2 Richmond

Dates: September 17th PreEvent (6pm-11pm)/18th Education (8am-6pm)

Host Location:  Historic Mankin Mansion
4300 Oakleys Lane - Richmond, Va 23223
Call 804-737-7773

9/18th 8am - 11pm Shop and Trade Gear at the Available all day for attendees.

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8am - Breakfast and NetWorking
"Registration Begins, Sponsors are on display, DJSwapMeet starts and NetWorking with DJ's for around the country."

Lineup: 9/18


Aaron Traylor

10am - "12 Steps: How to Remix Your Reality"

Bio: Year after year, Aaron Traylor has been awarded ‘Best Performance DJ’ from numerous state-wide media companies and most recently earned the honors of the ‘Best Radio Station Personality’ by the National Broadcasting Association. When he’s not touring with some of the largest stage acts in the world, he hosts a #1 rated daily music program that is syndicated to various markets across America including Nashville and Las Vegas. Aaron is the life of any party and hopes to bring a smile to your audience that is larger than his.


Peter Merry

11am - "The Uphill Battle: Overcoming Overtly Oppositional Opinions"

Description: In this new seminar Peter Merrywill give real examples from TV, Movies, and actual weddings of how strongly the public’s ideas about our value and skills are aligned against us. And even though this problem may feel insurmountable, he will explore proven methods for standing out in a sea of “Crappy DJs” so you can become branded as the best of the best instead being seen merely as the least worst of the worst.

Bio: Peter Merry has been helping couples create fun and entertaining wedding receptions since 1992. He has presented seminars on wedding entertainment performance techniques, wedding marketing, and sales consultation skills to wedding professionals in over 60 cities across the United States along with Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. He serves his clients as their Wedding Entertainment Director® and he is currently entertaining at weddings across the United States. He’s the founder of the Wedding Entertainment Director’s Guild®. And he is the author of “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”…the first guidebook for brides and grooms on creating an unforgettably fun wedding celebration. He has trained over 200 wedding entertainers from around the world through his 2-day workshop called The Professional Process. Finally, he is passionate about helping all wedding professionals to provide better calibers of services to their brides and grooms.

Noon - 1:30pm Break for Lunch

Also a great time to return those phone calls. ;)


Jame Bodie

1:30pm - "Beatmixing - Where do I start? and How can I get better?"
Description: It doesn't matter if it is money or beatmixing, Jamie has a way of making it simple and understandable. This presentation is an introduction to Mixposium where people can learn to beatmatch, mix in key and learn better programming overall. It is guaranteed that this talk will be interesting and informative for everyone.

Bio: Jamie Bodie’s DJ career began over 20 years ago in Aiken, SC primarily as entertainment in local night clubs & bars. From these initial forays as a DJ/Entertainer Jamie soon found himself being asked to perform at a few weddings from bar patrons/owners who knew him. Many of these first receptions were poorly executed but they taught Jamie that planning and working smarter could turn an ordinary reception into an extraordinary event and a nominal payday into something more lucrative and from here Jamie’s Porta-Party was created. Along the way Jamie sought out guidance from other DJs like Randy Bartlett, Peter Merry, Mike Walter, etc, who were all mentors in Jamie’s DJ career. In addition to seeking advice from other professionals in the industry Jamie sought out additional knowledge by attending numerous workshops & conferences over the years both within and outside of the wedding/DJ arena.

rick  brewer.jpg

Rick Brewer

3:00pm  - "Past present and future of marketing."
Description: For the past 10 years, the world of marketing a small and medium size business has been turned upside down. Small Businesses can now do more to reach prospective clients than ever before in the history of business. With all these changes, it has become wildly complicated on how to effectively position your business at the right place, the right time in front of the right prospect. Take a look at where we have come, where we are and what’s on the horizon of marketing your business combined with the current state of your prospective client.

Bio:  Rick Brewer is someone who understands the landscape of Marketing. Rick has been involved in sales and marketing for 30+ years, has owned magazines, been an international business consultant, keynote speaker and is one of a few who has seen the full change over in marketing since the inception of the internet. He knows where we have come from, where we are and has a strong view on where we will be in the coming years.


Scott Faver

4:30pm - "R.O.I. Return On Interactives Games."
Description: Play with purpose and profit from your play. Know why, when and how to play a game. Then let the play produce profits - Repeat Clients, Referrals and an Aucience that calls YOU!

Bio: Scott Faver, is The Game Master. As owner of The Party Favers, and a professional DJ\entertainer since 1980, he has created fun, unique and interactive games for the young, old, famous and infamous - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barbra Streisand, Tom Cruise… Plus personal training for large DJ companies like Mike Walter \ Elite Entertainment.

He writes for the Current Audition, shares his FREE weekly DJ Games & Marketing Tips to over 2,500 DJs worldwide, hosts Breakfast with the Game Master at TLVDJ Show, 2005\2006 presenter\performer for the DJ Cruise, now the Wedding & Event Professionals Cruise, and the 2013 recipient of the Peter Merry Leadership Award.

Scott is also a professional networker, creator of the Event Ensemble, a group of over 1,000 celebration solutionists dedicated to the success of their client’s events.

Plus sales and support for DJ Manager, your top of mind software solution for running your DJ business.

7pm-11pm DJ Shoot Out (After Party) - "DJ's Showcasing their mixing skills"

Signups during Breakfast and NetWorking