June, 19th, 20th and 21st 2017 - Greeneville Tn

June 19th 2017 (Monday)

10am - DJ Golf >>Click Here for more info.<<

Noon to 3:30pm - Free Improv Workshop At ARMDJs Hosted be Ron Ruth

6pm - Meet, Greet and Jam (On top of the General Morgan Inn)

June 20th 2017 (Tuesday)
General Morgan Inn all day)

8:00am to 9:30am Breakfast (A.D.J.A)

10am Kickoff - featuring the ArmDJs 10.0 official in house DJ - DJ Flint

10:15am to 11:am Sean McKee - "Don't wait for the party to come to you!! "

11:15am to noon D.J.P -"Master of the Mix"

Noon Lunch

1:30pm to 2:45pm Peter Merry - One On One
Making Meaningful Connections When It Matters Most

Entertaining large groups of people may come naturally to many MCs. But what if making the same connections with individuals turns out to be challenging, or perhaps even paralyzing? In this seminar, Peter Merry will candidly share his personal struggles in networking environments, while exploring some methods and strategies for maximizing those opportunities. You will learn...

* How to "re-set" your attitude/feelings/mind-set before attending.
* Three vital details you should draw out of each new contact.
* Methods for getting new contacts to ask for your business card.

3pm to 3:45pm Ron Ruth - "Business Unscripted: Improv For Wedding Pros."
Improv offers insight into leadership, persuasion, adaptability and crisis management. Come to this fun and highly interactive presentation to learn how to fine-tune your communication & listening skills, lead more rewarding sales presentations and to discover the extraordinarily creative jolt of  embracing the improviser's mantra of "Yes, and..."

4:00pm to 4:45pm Dr. Drax - "The Imitation Game"
Based upon the rise of Technology and how Technology will, within 20 years, replace most human DJs.  About how machines will imitate everything most DJs currently do, and do it better.  It's about how human DJs will need to innovate, to share their humanity.... to stay relevant will require then to innovate not imitate.

5:00pm to 6:00pm Mike Walter - "Music History for the Mobile DJ"
One of the greatest ways to prove your experience and capabilities to a prospective client is to be well steeped in popular music history of the past 60 years. Also, one of the essential elements in training a new DJ and MC is to fill in their gaps of knowledge in this category. In this seminar, veteran DJ and MC Mike Walter will cover the broad topic of Music History for the Mobile DJ. Besides touching on each decade’s musical contributions, he’ll play specific songs from each genre and offer some interesting trivia to keep things interesting. Get ready to take some notes because the facts and nuggets will come flying at you from the opening note of this seminar through the coda.

8pm DJSpinOff (General Morgan Inn ball room)

June 21st 2017 (Wednesday)
(General Morgan Inn ball room)

8:00am to 9:30am Breakfast (Bose & Cap Capello)

10am Kickoff - featuring the ArmDJs 10.0 official in house DJ - DJ Flint

10:15am to 11:am Larry Williams - "5 O’Clock Shadow: Time to Clean Up Your Act"
After a four-year hiatus, Larry Williams returns to ARMDJS for yet another cutting-edge session that explores a territory of education that has been left virtually untouched. In this seminar, Williams will detail his original Five-Star Shadow Program. Attendees will enjoy useful information of how “recommendations” and “observations” received and given can substantially change and progress your business for the better. If you have ever shadowed another DJ . . . you will now learn techniques on how to “shadow with a purpose.” Just like picking up golden nuggets in the hallways of your favorite conference – some of the best learning experiences are the ones we get from one another.

11:15am to noon Jim Cerone - "THRIVING WITH MILLENNIALS."
How to help DJs understand how to market to and serve our new generation of clients.

Noon Lunch

1:30pm to 2:45pm Scott Faver - "Not The Same Lame Game..."
The Game Master returns to ArmDJs, 10 years later, with interactive games
appropriate for 2017! [Smile]

3pm to 3:45pm Ben Stowe - Secrets of a Sound Guy
Ever wonder how a microphone can sound clean and rumble free? How a performer can be in a loud concert without mic feedback? How to choose and place a microphone for instruments? What preamps, gates, compressors, parametric EQs and all those other knobs on a mixing console do? Ben is going to share some of his knowledge from touring and providing sound for A-listers. These tips will be useful for wedding ceremony sound, live bands, church services and anyplace sound is amplified.

4:00pm to 4:45pm David Louis - "Who Have You Helped Lately? (Part 3)

5:00pm to 6:00pm Randy Bartlett - "Finales"

6:00pm                    Sean McKee - "Smile as Loud as You Can!!!"