*à la carte. (Separate Fees Apply)

With the "Education" day of each ArmDJs Tour Stop being held on a Tuesday (8am to 6pm), it leaves open the opportunity for Advance Educational Workshops to be offered both before and afterword. Listed on this page are the workshops being offered and on which stops they will be available. More workshops are being added.
If you are interested in hosting a workshop at one of our stops please click >>here<< for more info. 

@ArmDJs 11 Greeneville TN
DJ Business Masterclass: the 4 Steps to More Wedding and Event Sales (15 seats left)
Alan Berg
Improving your performance skills is great, but if you don’t make the sale, you can’t use those skills. In this Masterclass, marketing guru Alan Berg will take a small group through the 4 Steps To More Wedding & Event Sales
Mon, June 18, 2018 ~ 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM EDT


@ArmDJs 11 Greeneville TN
ARMDJs Mixposium (only 10 seats left)
There are only 20 spots available for this event. We will cover music structure, mixing in key and the harmonic wheel, using the EQ to blend two songs together, loops, samples, and other mixing techniques along with much - much more. We will spend 6-8 hours presenting these ideas and practicing exactly how they work. 

Who would benefit from mixposium? If you are a highly-skilled and advanced beat-mixer this class is probably not for you. If you would like to make better mixes and learn more about mixing and more about the software and controller that you are using this class could be perfect for you.